New Name, Same Great Tunes!

2007-11-28 03:28:08 by dj-pope

Believe it or not, turns out there is already is an artist out there performing under "Dj Pope." So at his request and to avoid confusion, and to finally change my name to something not so retarted, I have switched my performing name to "Pat!M".

The name change is actually very beneficial as I've always hated the whole "pope" thing and it clarifies that I'm not a dj! I have no experience with DJing and have no DJing equipment. I'm a producer, I make the music. Sure maybe some day I'll start DJing but for now "Pat!M" it is!


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2008-02-16 11:15:09

nice u dick u dike


2008-03-07 15:00:54

Truth was here


2008-03-27 12:17:04