Entry #1

My First Top 25 Track!

2007-11-23 18:54:21 by dj-pope

So this week "This One's For Warsaw" ended up number 5 on the Audio Portal's top 25 chart and I have to say I'm shocked. It feels great knowing that people out there actually enjoy your music and appreciate what you put alot of time and effort into!

And to get this far with only 3 months of experience (Started making electronica in september) is whats the biggest shock. But all that means is that the best is still to come!

Thanks to everyone who's checked out my music and check out my newest song "Maneater (DjPopes Trance Remix)". It took a while to finish so any support will be appreciated!


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2007-11-23 20:55:21

Great music man, favorited you as an artist and some of your songs. I'll be listening to some more tunes later.

Also, first comment!